From 13th April, the participants of the Baltpool International Biofuel Exchange will be able to trade in SBP-certified biomass products. 

“The SBP certificate assures the sustainability of biomass and is recognized worldwide. It is also widely used in Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries which have a high demand for sustainable biomass products. Adding SBP-certified biomass products to our exchange will give our customers an option to trade them here. This move is especially important for businesses that export and import biomass using sea and land transport,” – said Andrius Smaliukas, Director of the International Biomass Exchange Baltpool.

He also added: “The addition of SPB-certified products comes after an increasing number of requests from Scandinavian buyers of biomass who purchase up to 50% of all biomass in the Baltic states. We hope that this solution will further promote the use of sustainable biomass and the efficient exchange of bioenergy”.

The SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program) certificate, issued by an accredited body, confirms that the biomass is obtained from legal, sustainable sources and that the biomass producer complies with the established requirements. SBP certificates are usually issued for wood pellet and chip products used in the industry and large power plants. Currently, 371 such certificates have been issued in 31 countries.

“Customers who seek to trade SBP-certified biomass on our platform are not subject to any additional requirements. All they need to do is to have a valid SBP certificate. The demand for sustainable biomass products is constantly growing and even the banks require the clients to use sustainable biomass before financing their projects. Therefore, SBP certified biomass products could help customers to meet those requirements”, – noted A. Smaliukas.

Alongside the SBP biomass products – which are new to the trading list – FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products can also be traded on the Balpool Biofuels Exchange: FSC Control wood, FSC 100%, FSC Mix, as well as pellets certified with ENplus certificates.