The Operator of the exchange has recently received buyer requests to supplement the specifications of biomass products with sulphur and chlorine limits and to provide for real sanctions for instances of increased content of these chemical elements. Buyers ground their requests on specific measurements, in the buyers’ opinion, high content of the chemical elements has resulted in the corrosion of biomass combustion installations.

The Operator took biomass samples and conducted sulphur and chlorine content tests. The tests revealed that even in the lowest quality biomass, in which the spruce needle content exceeds the maximum allowable limit set in the SMS3 product specification, the chlorine content satisfied the quality requirements prescribed by the Conditions of Trade in Biomass Products. The naturally occurring amount of chlorine is between 0.0039% and 0.0135%, while the amount of sulphur is between 0.0040% and 0.0440%.

We invite interested parties to submit their proposals regarding about the maximum allowable sulphur and chlorine content and possible future sanctions.